Chocolate like you’ve never tasted before

The Company is passionate about producing authentic treats. It specializes in 100% pure and natural freeze dried fruit chocolates. Their products contain no chemical preservatives, food dyes or artificial flavouring. The flavours has different characteristics.

Available Types:

Pineapple Milk   Pineapple Milk Chocolate

Strawberry Milk   Strawberry Milk Chocolate

Mango Milk   Mango Milk Chocolate

Banana Milk   Banana Milk Chocolate

Durian Dark   Durian Dark Chocolate

Mangosteen Milk   Mangosteen Milk Chocolate

Jackfruit Milk   Jackfruit Milk Chocolate

Pineapple Milk Chocolate:

This flavour widely known as “ananas” meaning “excellent fruit”. It has a very unique sweetness. Makes a great snack and a perfect food to munch.

Strawberry Milk Chocolate:

This flavour with very inviting colour shape and taste. Very popular among teenagers, perfect for any special occasion and also a great food to munch anytime.

Mango Milk Chocolate:

Mango, one of the most popular, nutritionally rich fruits with unique flavour, fragrance and taste. Best of all, it is also one of the most versatile fruits, delicious and definitely healthy.

Banana Milk Chocolate:

Banana, nature’s own energy-rich food that comes in a safety envelope! This fruit contains good amount of health benefiting properties. Give it a try today.

Jackfruit Milk Chocolate:

Jackfruit has a unique for its size and appearance delicious is one of a kind tropical fruit that you shouldn’t miss. Its one of the healthy fruits to relish.

Durian Dark Chocolate:

Durian is widely known and revered in South East Asia as the “King of Fruits”. The sweet, creamy & dense flesh possesses a distinctive smell and gives an authentic tropical taste of natural sweetness.

Mangosteen Milk Chocolate:

Mangosteen has a unique for its appearance and flavour, mangosteen is often revered as “Queen” of the tropical fruits. The exotic, purple colour tropical fruit is quite popular for its snow-white, juicy, delicious arils all over the Asian countries.

Malsa Choco

Malsa Choco