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About Cassowary Arabia

We are a company (WLL) established in Bahrain early 2014 and operating in the middle east regions, including but not limited to the Gulf countries.

We are registered and licensed for FOOD STUFF. However, we built our strategy to specialize and promote only scientifically proven healthy foods, extracts, supplements, and drinks, natural and/or organic. Stuff of higher nutritious values, of least usually negative side’s effects or even acceptable levels of toxic ingredients, are selected from best of rich origins, farms and production sites.

By our personal visits and observations we verify and ensure about qualities, commercial and healthical legalities and standards’ certifications, and we go thru all necessary and recommended authentications between original production countries and consumer countries as well.

Our policy is to grant new or developed and healthier supplements, by addressing the general health public, to boost the awareness of smart selection of Foods or Drinks, especially for entertainable moments, side plates and cups, for homes, Coffee shops or at specialized outlets!

Our initial line is concentrating on selection of wide variety of Coffee’s and Chocolates, and relevant products for your special times and events/occasions.

Here again we stress on really different, pioneer, and new mixtures and combinations of Coffee's and Chocolates, that are prepared with healthy and enjoyable additives, carefully and smartfully selected, tested and tasted as well.

All products are presented very nicely and labeled with full details about contents (Ingredients and Nutrition Facts) and directions for best use or consumption.

Moreover also, for easy reference for interested consumers, a comprehensive product profile of detailed information about the ingredients and their individual benefits for health (and if proven and approved, also medical applications as well, is posted on our website

Cassowary Arabia L.L.C